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hb's stuff & stuff

Unicorn stuff

Unicorn stuff

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Bill Ted - Strange things afoot - _sunfl
I collected unicorns when I was a kid. They've been in storage for many years, so it's gotta be time to let 'em go, right? Click any pic to see it bigger. If you see one that you want more details on or whatever, just lemme know.

Size 12/14

Shirt is size 12/14

  • :S I realized shortly after I posted on her journal that this was a journal and I could've posted here, sorry. Anyway, I like the cedar box, the blue bookmark next to it, and the glass etched hologram-y thing. How much would you be looking to get for them? (i live in the US)
  • I have to get off of here for now, but I'll check either later tonight or tomorrow :)
  • I'm new to all this... Um... How would you feel about $7 shipped?
    • Sounds great :) Don't ship it priority mail though, unless you want it to rob you. First class/parcel post is fine. I don't need delivery confirmation or insurance (as long as you'll ship it securely please) How would you prefer that I pay? Paypal, money order, or concealed cash? And is there any chance that I could pay you on Friday (September 7th)? My e-mail is ramble_queen@hotmail.com
      • Paypal would be great if you can pay any way *other* than credit card. (You know how Paypal is with their stinkin' fees...) And yeah, I can wait till Friday. No problem. :)

        email is soveryloved at gmail dot com :)
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